4 Steps to Web Site Promotion

The failure of your online business can be attributed to one of the most important things that you have to really consider: your marketing strategies. There are actually too many software that you can use when it comes to website promotion. Searching for them requires diligence, though. For you, here are 4 of the best programs that you can definitely utilize without any cost when you promote your website:

1. Add your website in Add Me. Add Me contains 14 of the best search engines in the Web. With just few clicks as well as completing the many forms, you can already submit your site to all of them. It’s definitely time saver as you’d probably spend 3 to 6 minutes for each submission if you’re going to do it manually. This will give you more time to perform other marketing strategies, including link building and article submission.

2. Make use of search engine simulator. There are different criteria that search engine spiders use before they index your webpage in search engines. These include link popularity and the quality of your content. If you like to know how search engine spiders view your page, you can utilize search engine simulator.

3. Choose Submit Free. If 14 sites don’t appeal to you, then perhaps doubling the figure can definitely make you choose Submit Free. Like Add Me, the process doesn’t have to take that long. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose up to 28 sites. You don’t have to submit in sites which you think are not agreeable to your chosen niche.

4. Create a free banner. Banners are very attractive to customers, and they do make excellent marketing schemes for your business. If you’re basically good with it but you don’t want to waste any money on them, then you can simply look for banner creator online.

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